Sletrokor Reviews

Sletrokor Reviews

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Who Makes Sletroker 

This diet supplement is produced and marketed by 18Nutrition, a LA-based company that promotes markets and sells “healthy and natural nutrition products”.

Contact Info:
600 W 9th street, suite 611
Los Angeles, CA

Phone Number:

How Much Does Sletroker Cost?

$720 per year or 60 per month - 1 bottle = 60 pills 2x daily

How to use: 

1 pill 2 times daily

Side Effects:

One of the main ingredients in Sletrokor is Cascara Sagrada. Cascara Sagrada is a stimulant laxative that works by irritating your colon muscles and making them contract. Using Cascara regularly for a long period of time can permanently damage your digestive tract and make you dependent on laxatives for bowel movements. the FDA has long required that preparations containing Cascara carry a warning against using them for more than one week.

Upset Stomach: Due to the presence of laxatives in the formula, this pill is known to cause gassing, bloating, intestinal problems and diarrhea.

Allergy Warning: Since the formula is high in shellfish content, people who are allergic to such foods should not take this pill. Symptoms may include skin rash, respiratory problems and eventually, choking.

Heart Condition: Patients who have a medical record involving heart-related illnesses should stay away from this pill as there have been cases of people who have reported arrhythmia and increased heart rate after taking the product.


1500mg blend - no specific amounts listed.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Gymnema Sylverstra
  • Cascara Sagrada
  • Legume Protein Concentrate: This ingredient appears to be a protein concentrate taken from phaseo vulgaris, which is another name for the common bean.
  • Results

    91.3% of users reported no significant weight loss

    Does It Work?

    5.2% of users reported weight loss of more than 5 pounds.

    (3) Comments

    • Lost 3 pounds after 1 month
      Overall Rating   2.3/5
      2.3 5
      Aug 01,2016
      No Side Effects
      Product's Price
      Would you recommend this product to a friend? No I would not.
      Lost 3 pounds after 1 month

      Lost a few pounds. Nothing spectacular. Made me a little irregular. Too expensive to keep taking.

    • Energy seemed better but the stomach cramps and diarrhea don't seem worth it. A medical website states that you shouldn't take cascara sagrada for more than a week since its a laxative and can dehydrate you and cause loss of potassium. Wish it didn't have this laxative in the formula.

      I've taken this product for almost 4 months as recommended. I've seen no change in my weight. Be aware that the refund period from this disreputable company only extends out to 30 days from purchase. Do not purchase more than a 30 day supply or make sure you make your claim before the thirty days have expired. This disreputable company will not honor any claims claims after the 30 day period.

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    No Side Effects
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