PS1000 / PURE SLIM 1000 Reviews Scam or Not?

PS1000 / PURE SLIM 1000 Reviews Scam or Not?

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Who Makes PS1000 Diet drops?

PS1000 is created by Pureslim 1000 Company.

The product is sold on their official website, as well as other online shops such as Amazon.

How Much Does PS1000 cost?

There are three different packages of PS1000:

The silver package (1 bottle =1 month supply) costs $109, while the gold package (2 bottles) costs $149. The Platinum package comes with 3 bottles and B-complex, and it costs $195. They all come with recipes, meal plans, and the program guide to get you started.

1 bottle is 2 ounces and lasts 1 month.

How to use PS1000:

To use PS1000, you will need to take the drops 3 times a day, usually before meals.

There are three phases to follow, with stage 1 being the weight loss phase (90 days), stage 2 is the follow-up phase (21 days), and stage 3 being the maintenance or continuation stage. This means you will need to keep consuming the capsules in order to maintain the body you achieved while losing weight in stage 1 and 2.

Side Effects:

Many people have reported negative side effects, including lack of energy, deprivation from food, and an overall unhealthy state of mind. This may be due to the very restrictive meal plans given. Some have also reported nausea when taking the pills, mostly on headaches and stomach pain.

There have also been withdrawal and detoxing symptoms that people experience.

Ingredients: Please Note! This info has been taken from PS1000's website and is not been verified by an the FDA and not is it intended to take the of your doctors advice.

Maca: This is an ingredient that helps with your energy and overall quality of sleep and stress. This is important when losing weight and lessening your intake. This way, you will be able to sleep peacefully without any midnight cravings.

Glucomannan: This is a dietary fiber that absorbs water and lessens the absorption of carbohydrates in your body. It will satiate you for longer and keep you full faster. It also helps with cholesterol and diabetes.

Beta-Alanine: This is an amino acid that encourages energy levels and endurance, helping you build muscle and reduce body fat. It strengthens muscle and gives you the energy you need when working out.

Glutamine: This helps maintain any muscle that would have been lost during the weight loss process. It also lessens cravings for sugar and alcohol.

Ornithine: It helps release growth hormones, thus increasing metabolism and lessening body fat. It also helps in achieving better muscle growth and repair.

Serine: This helps maintain a good and healthy metabolism even when on a calorie deficit.

Glutamic: This is found in the central nervous system, where it helps with the metabolism in burning sugar and fats efficiently.

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E: This is important when it comes to absorbing and converting B-12.

Rhodiola: More commonly known as goldenrod, is a plant that is known to improve physical and mental performance, reduce fatigue, enhance mood, and improve endurance. Rhodiola is also known for helping strengthen the nervous system, enhance memory, and aid weight reduction.

Arginine: This is usually found in weight loss products, promoting muscle and lessening body fat. It also helps in releasing growth hormones for muscle growth and repair.

African Mango: This helps activate your Leptin hormones. This reduces your appetite and quickens your metabolism.

Glycine: It helps with your glycogen storage, using glucose found in there for energy instead.

Valine: This is needed for metabolism and coordination in the body. It is mainly used for strength and energy from muscles.

Tyrosine: This is to help with metabolism and your mood, making you feel happier even with less appetite.

Methyl B12: This helps in keeping you energized through promoting good health in the red blood cells.

Potassium: This helps in the function of your whole body, making sure it stays healthy even when on a calorie deficit.

Niacin (Vitamin B3): This helps produce hormones needed in order to lose weight healthily and keep your body in top shape.


Results may vary. Some have experienced slight weight loss, while others have not experienced anything, usually stopping after Stage 1 (Weight Loss Phase) due to the restrictive meal plan that doctors do not recommend.

Because of the diet and withdrawal symptoms expected, many reviewers go back to where they started, eventually gaining the little weight that was lost from the drops. Those who have continued on with the diet plan have ended up getting positive results though only little weight loss. Once they have stopped taking the drops and went back to a maintenance plan, they gained the weight back!

Does it work?

While we can say that PS1000 works in weight loss, that is because of the meal plan that was given. It does not work in shedding the weight and is definitely not worth the restriction. It isn't worth what it sells for, and it's best to search for other alternatives that are more affordable and will actually be effective without depriving yourself from food. Bottom line: Does PS1000 work? Only when on a calorie deficit, but the side effects are not worth the little weight loss you will get from taking the capsules. You will also end up gaining the weight lost again, which is not worth the side effects and restriction of food. Basically, PS1000 is not the best weight loss product out there.

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  • worthless
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    Sep 30,2016
    No Side Effects
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    Would you recommend this product to a friend? No I would not.

    Can I give ZERO STARS?! No one can live on the tiny amount of food they recommend and the drops did nothing but give me a headache. WASTE OF $$$$$!!!

  • Doesn't Work, Not Enough Food
    Overall Rating   1.3/5
    1.3 5
    Sep 30,2016
    No Side Effects
    Product's Price
    Would you recommend this product to a friend? No I would not.
    Doesn't Work, Not Enough Food

    They expect you to eat 800 calories a day and not be hungry. Well, I was hungry. All day and night. And I had a headache the entire time. I did lose 5 pounds in 10 days, but it was hell. I quit after 3 weeks,losing 7-8 pounds. The weight came back in less than a week.

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