Phen24 Weight Loss Pills Reviews Scam or Not?

Phen24 Weight Loss Pills Reviews Scam or Not?

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Who Makes Phen24?

Phen24 Formula was created by the BUQ Group LTD.

Other than the product sold on their official website, Phen24 is also distributed in other online shops such as Amazon.

How Much Does Phen24 cost?

From their official website, they sell 1 box for  $74.99 2 boxes for 149.99 + 1 bottle free. One box comes with 30 day pills and 60 night pills, lasting for 1 month.

When purchasing from their official website, you have free shipping worldwide and a money back guarantee within 67 days.

How to use:

Phen24 is known to help boost metabolism 24 hours a day. It energizes you in the morning and keeps you sound asleep at night, preventing you from overeating throughout the day and keeping to your calorie deficit, even during the night. To use Phen24, you will need to take 1 capsule in the morning (from the day box) before breakfast, and 2 capsules 15 minutes before your last meal (from the night box) with 2 glasses of water.

Side Effects:

Based on our trials and reviewers, there have been minimal side effects limited to gas, bloating, indigestion, anxiety, and nervousness from Phen24.

Ingredients: There are two types of pills, one day and one night.

For the Day capsules, the ingredients are:

Caffeine: This helps wake you up and give you the energy you need. This way, you are more alert and productive for work or exercise. It is also known to reduce appetite.

Guarana Extract: This is used to help boost energy more than any caffeinated drink can. It gives you the energy without the crash and holds more effectivity than caffeine, keeping you energized throughout the day.

Cayenne Powder: This is known to help increase metabolism through its spicy content. It also helps improve your digestion and blood pressure.

Phenylalanine: This is an amino acid known to suppress your appetite.

Iodine: This helps improve overall health on your thyroid gland, which helps increase metabolism and further fat loss.

Manganese: This helps use fat and carbohydrates properly. Instead of storing the two, it will convert them into energy, freeing space in your glycogen storage and lessening body fat. It also helps keep your bones healthy and give it good structure.

Zinc Citrate:This helps produce hormones with your thyroid gland, as well as improving your digestion in order to help store less fat.

Copper Sulfate: This helps convert fatty tissue into muscle, making you leaner and with more strength.

For the Night capsules, the ingredients are:

Glucomannan: This helps reduce appetite and cravings through absorbing more water, making you feel fuller for longer.

Chromium Picolinate: This helps in muscle building, as well as turning the sugar, fats and carbohydrates you consume into energy.

Biotin: This helps in your hair and nail health, and it is also helpful in terms of weight loss, making you break down fat easier and lessening the chances of storing any fat in your body.

Choline Bitartrate: It keeps fat from entering your body and improves your overall health, focusing on your digestive system.

Molybdenum: This helps with cellular production, making you healthier and giving you more energy.

Pantothenic Acid: It helps turn food into energy, as well as reducing the consumption of toxins.

Thiamine: This helps your body turn carbohydrates and glucose into energy rather than storing it as fat.

Pyridoxine HCL: HCL is one of the main ingredients in many weight loss products. It helps in metabolizing amino acids and proteins, promoting muscle growth.

Ascorbic Acid: Known as Vitamin C, this helps improve your immune system and protein metabolism, having you gain more muscle and losing body fat. It also helps with recovery of muscles after an intense gym session.

Green Tea Extract: Green tea helps in improving the health of your metabolism, having you break down fats faster and with more efficiency.

Griffonia Extract: This helps regulate your hormones, making you less hungry at night and improving your quality of sleep. It has calming ingredients that help you sleep for longer and without disruption.

HOPS Extract: This is found in beer, and it helps with improving your quality of sleep by reducing insomnia and helping you fall asleep faster. It also treats other sleep disorders, which is best for those who are having trouble falling asleep at night.


Many have reported positive results with Phen24. Not only is it great for achieving desired weight loss goals, but many have also felt better in sleep and overall health. The price is fair as well, making people purchase more of the boxes in order to control their weight or to lose it. As long as you follow a healthy meal plan that is not restrictive and at a fair calorie deficit, you will lose weight and improve your energy and sleep with Phen24.

 Does it work?

What's great about Phen24 is the fact that your weight loss works even while you are at rest. At good prices and packages, it is well worth the deal. It has no negative side effects, and with the many benefits you are able to reap not just with weight loss alone, it works perfectly. You'll be able to achieve good weight loss results without the restriction and still have the quality of sleep and health your body needs with Phen24.

(1) Comments

  • I didn't lose much weight
    Overall Rating   2.3/5
    2.3 5
    Sep 30,2016
    No Side Effects
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    Would you recommend this product to a friend? No I would not.
    I didn't lose much weight

    The side effects weren't as bad as some, but I didn't lose much weight. 4 pounds. Too expensive for that.

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