6 Home Remedies for Cellulite
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6 Home Remedies For Cellulite

With summer getting into full swing, getting rid of cellulite is a top priority for anyone who is conscious of his or her appearance. Of course there are many painful and expensive ways to get rid of cellulite such as surgery and laser treatment and various creams. Home remedies however are a very viable choice, which many people are embracing. This is because aside from inexpensively treating the cellulite, it also helps one to keep healthy and prevent other, more serious health conditions.

Healthy Diet

Fighting cellulite is more or less like fighting weight loss and as such all you do will go towards doing the latter. In fighting any kind of health problem, a good balanced diet is always an excellent place to start. Eating the right food will help you in a big way and eating the right amount will also be a plus. It is advisable to eat foods that will strengthen your tissues and enhance the circulation and membrane repair. In this case, whole grains, leafy green vegetables such as kales, spinach and broccoli will be ideal. Fruits such as lemon and berries help as they contain a lot of potassium that assists in fighting cellulite. These fruits are most effective when consumed raw.


Another excellent home remedy is exercising. This does bot have to cost you any money but will rather need you to invest some time patience and perseverance. If you are able to consult with a gym instructor to come up with a routine exercise plan that will help you burn the excess fat and calories it will help. These exercises will be ones that can easily be done at home such as lunges, Squats and side leg raise. Lunges for example will help tone the back of your thighs while squats will do the same for both the front and back. Side leg raises will help tone the inner thighs which are more prone to cellulite. A daily routine of these exercises will help reduce cellulite.

Dry Brushing

This is a home remedy that has been widely embraced by people who have cellulite. It involves brushing and is wisely done just before one takes a shower so as to enhance its effectiveness. One brushes the skin from the feet upwards towards the heart of cellulite; some scrubbing can also be done. This allows the skin to become tighter and further enhances blood flow. It will also assist the release of toxins from the lymphatic system.

Coffee Sugar Scrub

This is another method that can be considered as unconventional by many but it can produce desired results. This involves a combination of moisturizing olive oil or coconut oil, coffee grounds cayenne pepper and sugar. Coffee increases circulation of blood when drunk while Cayenne pepper helps in heating up the body and increases metabolism. Coffee scrub also helps in exfoliating the skin. All these ingredients help in the fighting of cellulite.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements also help in a big way too. This can range from natural herbal teas to herbal baths with bath salts. Herbal tea helps in enhancing the body’s blood circulation, which in turn help many of the other functions of the body. Herbal baths will also do the trick as they can open the pores, nourish the skin, and helps the body detoxify.

Cellulite Massage

Another home remedy that has been widely used is Cellulite massage. It is however a controversial method as people differ with the notion that it actually helps in fighting cellulite. Those who believe that if the massages are done regularly then in the long term, they help in the reduction of cellulite. The massages are usually done with nourishing creams, which are then absorbed into the body and improve circulation of blood and fight cellulite deposits. The massage also flushes the fat deposits that are present at the back and front of the leg and at the same time improve appearance of the unsightly dimples. Massages are also known to make you feel better through relaxation and stress relief. This is a short-term treatment and only consistent regular cellulite massages will yield long lasting results.


Home remedies are often considered the best way to go in treating many of our less serious medical conditions. This is because in the long term, one will be taking charge of his or her own health using the methods that suit them best. Home remedies will also involve ingredients that are cheap and simple to prepare as compared to other medical treatments that one would can spend exorbitant amounts on. Most doctor prescribed medical treatments are expensive and would require a lot of monetary investment while at the same time the risks and results are much more varied as compared to home remedies.

Whatever you choose we wish you success on your journey of healing!

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