The #1 Beauty Product You Need on a Desert Island!
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The #1 Beauty Product You Need On A Desert Island!

While the likelihood of any member of the Beauty Headlines staff (or anyone, for that matter) ending up stranded on a desert island is (fingers crossed) slim to none. It’s fun to think about what beauty product you take if you could take only one. After all, being trapped on an barren piece of land in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you should totally let yourself go.

We asked a few of the writers on our staff what one product they would grab if they were limited to just one and only one!

It’s a fun game to play with friends (or frienemies) Plus! You can learn a lot about them!

#1 Coconut Oil

Assuming I can’t bring a  huge lifeboat-shaped beauty product, my go-to would have to be Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! I use coconut oil every day of my life. I add it to smoothies and put it in my coffee. Below are a few of my favorite vanity-related uses for this lovely food:

It removes my eye makeup effortlessly, providing nurturing as well.

I shave with it and enjoy the result of buttery smooth skin.

I use it as a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment.

It is the best massage potion known to man.

When giving myself a manicure or pedicure, it is my “go-to” cuticle oil.

It is a perfect tanning elixir (offering SPF 4)

It makes an inexpensive and effective lip balm, for only a tiny “dot” is necessary.

It smells heavenly.

The more often I eat it, the better I look and feel

#2 Men’s Gillette Fusion Razor

It would be an atrocity to be stranded on a deserted island with porcupine legs!  And not be able to wear a bikini!This is the best razor I’ve ever used, and it will forever remain one of my most beloved spring and summertime companions. I have used every pretty, shiny and girly pink razor known to man. I have regretted straying from my companion every time and, therefore,  have long forgiven it for being orange, blue and the least attractive option. It produces smooth, flawless skin effortlessly and consistently. Most importantly, I have never once nicked myself or irritated my skin while using it.

#3 Lip Balm

I don’t care if it’s Nivea or Chapstick or Burts Bee’s… I can’t live without a decent lip moisturizer and protectant!

#4 Eyebrow Pencil/Brush

I know I sound completely ridiculous, but my eyebrows are so, so important to me. I feel like my life didn’t fully come together until my brows did. And they can make or break a look depending on your fill-in method. The Anastasia Brow Wiz is my ride-or-die pencil, and even if I don’t have the rest of my kit, it’s the one product you better believe I will hold onto. The ultra-fine tip allows me to stencil on a super-precise shape, which I then blend out with the tiny spoolie brush on the other end to achieve perfect brows.

#5 Foundation/Sunscreen!

Of course like all women, my eyebrows are very important to me, but because my everyday brow-grooming routine involves a cream, a gel, a brush, and a spoolie, there’s just no way I could choose just one to salvage in a life-or-death situation— that leaves my SkinCeuticals Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50 – Which is just a magic all in one makeup/sunscreen

Sun protection is beyond crucial, and this one in particular has everything going for it: It’s mattifying, so your face doesn’t get slick and oily even when it’s humid, and the lightweight, skin-perfecting tint and pore-blurring mousse-like formula lend a smooth, flaw-free complexion sans makeup. Perfect for that dirty-sexy, naturally appealing, I-only-bathe-in-the ocean kinda vibe.

#6 Mascara

“If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d like to think that I could make do with what I had—salt water as a natural surf spray, sand as an exfoliant, the sun giving me a nice natural glow but the one thing I’d absolutely need is my mascara. I’m a mascara addict! If a genie were to appear before me willing to grant my wish of beauty essentials, this would be one of the first requests to roll from my tongue. On my most unfortunate-looking day, mascara could likely take me from “Crack Head” status to “Doe-Eyed Bambi” status in fewer than two minutes.

#7 Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil and I have become close friends. This supplement controls my cramps, mood swings and other PMS related problems, while keeping my skin dewy and zit-free. It is the closest to a “happy pill” I have ever discovered, therefore I cannot imagine us parting ways any time soon.

#8 Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Arian Oil is my fairy dust, for it tames my unruly and often over-processed hair taking it from a tangled mess to a crowning glory. It smooths, comforts and nurtures while providing my hair with a soft luster and subtle glistening effect. Also, its luscious and addictive scent reminds me of exotic incense.

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