Strollers for The Coolest Dad ...Yes, it is Real!
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Strollers For The Coolest Dad ...Yes, It Is Real!

The company Skoda has announced the beginning of sales of baby carriages, off-road vehicles.

Souped-up wheelchair supplied 20-inch alloy wheels and all-terrain tires. In addition, it is equipped with oversized brake calipers, brake lights, hydraulic suspension, headlights.

As for the interior, the sporty upholstery made cradle. Also stroller received lumbar support for the child and a soft, anti-stress pen.

The maximum height of a miracle technology - 2 meters.


Now the dad can not just go out for a walk with the baby, but also boasts a modern innovation.

We can only guess as to raise this edifice, and where to store it ...


Country of origin: Czech Republic

Year: 2013

The question price: $ 13,000

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