The Most Common Male Fears
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The Most Common Male Fears

The male genes from nature to be strong, aspiring, protector and breadwinner. To all this, the boys from childhood are told: "You're a man, and men do not cry. You must be strong, because you-back. " And when, for whatever reason, he can not cope with the obligations imposed on him, it makes him nervous, which leads to stress and painful desire to return all under control. And when someone from the relatives of people trying to find out what is the reason, man will never say, they are closed and are not used to sharing your fears and worries. This in turn inevitably leads to destruction of their relationship.

1. Am I a good father? / Will I be a good father?

Good Father

A man who is about to become a dad, or have already become it always overcomes fear and a thousand questions: "Will I be able to teach the child everything I know?", "How not to teach him bad things?", "How to be a strict / good / fair father?"

How to help him, talk to him about their fears about motherhood (because women are too worried about it) ask about his fears. If you share your experiences, the man did not seem so terribly vulnerable.

Do I satisfy her enough in bed?

Good In Bed

This question is the most common male fear. He wants to know that all is well. But if this is not true - he would prefer not to know about it. The male ego is based on its attractive force.

How did he help: Talk to him most carefully. If you have something does not suit, do not tell him that he is doing something wrong. It is better to tell about what you would like, if at the same time you will slowly undress, increasing the chances to be heard at times.

Am I healthy?

Mens Health

Yes, men hate going to doctors. Until it becomes imperative. But at the same time it is his men's fear just does not want to talk about it.

How did he help: Remind him that if he wants to see the grandchildren, he needs to take care of their health. Suggest undergo regular honey. examination together.

Am I getting old?

Men Aging

Yes, men also worry about their age and attractiveness. Finding a gray hair, losing sight, quickly tired they feel fear, which is the result of social pressure, self-esteem and a sense of the inevitability of death.

How to help him: Like you, he wants to be attractive to you. Tell him about it, and let them know.

Will I lose my job?

Men Employment

Work means a lot to him. The fear of losing it makes men headlong rush into things, and when all the attention is focused on the job, they lose sight of another: family, relationships, and so on. Most likely, he does not do it on purpose, but women often feel abandoned and harbor resentment.

How to help him: Let him know about your feelings. Remind him that you are together, and no matter what happens, you always support him and be with the next. At the same time gently let him know that it is necessary to strike a balance, because work and money come and go, but you are here, and also deserve attention.

Am I quite successful?

Men Success

Men often look back and wonder, "What I have achieved in life?", "What did I leave behind?", "Can I reach for something more?" All these questions boil down to one: "I live if I am on a full?"

How to help him: Speak without passing judgment with him. What are its goals? What does he want for yourself? What does he want to get it?

Do I Make Enough Money?

Mens Earnings

Another man's fear is money, or rather not the money, but their absence. They are certainly very important for the men, but more importantly what they mean: self-esteem, status, confidence, possibilities ... Of course, women also work, and appreciate these things, but play a major role for the men of these things.

How to help him: Do not shoulder the entire responsibility for the finances on his shoulders. The combined efforts mean that the trials and success is shared equally, and that it reduces stress. Let him know that they are proud of. This may seem a minor point, but then, as he appears in front of your eyes, it means a lot to him.

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