Happy Marriage, Happy Family Life
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Happy Marriage, Happy Family Life

When it comes to raising children, love and marriage is important. Although much of society’s views on marriage have changed, studies suggest that a strong relationship provides security for your children and demonstrates how an honorable union should look like. Children do better in their academics and social skills when they are raised in a home where both parents are together and happily married. They are more likely to attend college and practice celibacy, and less likely to do drugs or get a divorce when they become adults. If you are married with kids or plan on starting a family, here are some practical steps you can apply to create a loving environment in your home.

Hug and kisses

Don’t be afraid to be affectionate around your children or say “I love you” to each other. Your children might find your PDA gross (keep it to a minimum), but in the long run, they will appreciate having parents who were connected. 

Date nights

Go on small dates as often as you can…without the children. Breaking away from the children will help you reestablish your bond and maintain your intimacy. It will also help your children understand that they are not the center of your universe and that you’re not just mom and dad; you are husband and wife!


Its important for your children to see you both participating in the decision-making process and sharing responsibilities. When you both can agree (or agree to disagree), it helps your children develop team work and team-building skills.


Demonstrate a deep, mutual respect toward each other. Try not to argue in front of the kids, but if you can’t resist, fight fair (no raised voices or name calling) and resolve your conflict on the spot. This will help your children develop good communication skills.

Love is what it does

Develop a habit of exchanging small gifts just because and serve each other around your children. This will condition them to become helpful and selfless toward each other, their peers, and strangers in general.

Marriage is the backbone of your family life and it’s important that your children see and understand that. How you treat each other in front of your children will help foster a happy and loving environment in your home and set the tone for your children’s emotional health development. 

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