7 Small Changes Can Add Up To Huge Weight Loss!
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7 Small Changes Can Add Up To Huge Weight Loss!

Just one or two little changes to your daily routine can burn 20-40 pounds of belly fat in less than 1 year. The key is making a commitment and realizing that it takes time. Try any of these 7 great tips out for 3 months and just see the difference for yourself. If you are serious, try several, and stick to them for a full year no matter what! Not only will you melt away excess fat, but you will feel great!

1. Keep A Food Log (-25 pounds)

Sitting in front of your computer snacking out of a bag of chips could result in you eating the whole bag! Write down how much you eat and you're far more likely to practice portion control and lose weight fast. 

Research has shown, people who keep a food journal naturally make lasting changes to their diet and lose an average of 15 pounds in as little as 6 months and 25 pounds in a year. Most importantly the weight loss lasts. One year later, more than 85% of participants were still within 3 pounds of their target weight.

Food Journaling is easy and also lends insight to your eating habits. Do you skip meals? Do you eat the same over the weekend as you during the week? Do you binge when feeling stressed?

2. More Sleep = More Weight Loss (-10 pounds)

Try going to bed one hour earlier. You will see results within one week. Researchers from the University of Florida found as little as three nights of sleep deprivation in one week, can lead to immediate weight gain. Scientists asked one group of participants to sleep one extra hour while they had another group sleep one less hour. After the 10 days, the sleep-deprived group gained an average of 3 pounds, compared with a well-rested control group that lost 1 pound.

3. Make Your Own Lunch! (-25 pounds)

You'll save thousands of calories and hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Think about this! The average chicken wrap from a chain restaurant has an average of 600 calories and more than 1/3 of it comes from added fat, as well as 1,380 mg of sodium (more than half the recommended daily amount). 

Make your own lunch with cuts of deli chicken or turkey breast on whole wheat bread with a light dressing with romaine lettuce for less than 250 calories. You'll cut more than 350 calories and about 520 mg of sodium, which leaves room for a side salad or an apple and could still add up to a 25-pound weight loss after one year. 

Remember! The #1 reason restaurant food is so high in salt and fat is that it's not very fresh nor is it made with high quality (expensive) ingredients! 

4. Put a Pedometer App on your Cell Phone! (-12 pounds)

It'll track your steps and remind you how many (or how few) steps you take throughout the day. Research has shown that people that use a pedometer take 2,500 steps more per day. That adds up to an extra 100 calories a day burned. Over one year, that is 12 pounds of weight loss!

5. No Love for the Elevator! (-6 pounds)

Have a choice between taking the elevator or the stairs? Including 2-3 minutes of stair climbing per day—covering about three to five floors, can burn the calories to eliminate the average American's annual weight gain of 1-2 pounds a year. It's also good for more than just your waistline. People who climbed more than 10 flights of stairs a day had 19% lower mortality rates than those who climbed fewer than 3 flights a day, according to an Oxford study. 

Start with just a couple of flights a day. If you're already a dedicated climber, aim to add three more flights to your daily routine.

6. Make Exercise Social (-20-25 pounds)

Did you know you are 10 times less likely to skip a workout if you exercise with a friend? Doing exercise with friends makes you more accountable. No one wants to let down a friend and leave them hanging at 6:30 AM. 

The neat thing researchers found out recently is your workouts don’t always have to be done face to face. A study found women who had some form of support, either through a counselor or an online group, lost more than 20 pounds over a 12 month period over those who tried exercising alone. This was especially true for couples who exercise together. Couples lost an average of 25 pounds when they made a commitment just to support each other in their weight loss goals.

7. Lighten up your Coffee & Tea! (-20 pounds)

Coffee drinks at Starbucks average more than 250 calories! Some are over 400 calories! That's not a drink, that's a dessert!

A daily habit of 1 sugary coffee drink per day can easily translate to a 20-pound weight gain in less than 1 year! A regular cup of coffee or tea with just a dash of milk and even a little sugar has hundreds of fewer calories than the fancy drinks and are cheaper too!  

To supercharge your weight loss, make your own coffee or tea at home and take it to-go and save calories while saving a ton of money!

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