14 Belly Fat Burning Foods!
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14 Belly Fat Burning Foods!

Most everyone knows greens and beans are good for the waistline, but what about some more interesting foods?


Eggs are good for you again! Eggs contain vitamin B12, which your body needs to metabolize fat. In fact, researchers at Louisiana State University found that people who ate eggs for breakfast every day lost more weight than those who ate bagels.

Watch out: Make sure and talk to your doc first if your cholesterol is high.

Protein Powder

It's not just for gym rats! Protein powder contains amino acids that burn fat and build muscle. Add two teaspoons to a smoothie for a fat-busting drink. Find it at health food stores. And look for the vegetable based or soy based protein.

Watch out: Make that smoothie with fruit, yogurt, and low-fat milk — Also! Adding protein powder to a chocolate shake doesn't make it health food (we wish).


In addition to containing lots of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, avocados are a terrific source of filling fiber (11 to 17 grams per avocado!), making them a great food for staving off hunger, says Bowden.

Scarf down: Half a cup daily - Pass the Guac!

Almonds and Other Nuts

Go nuts! They slim your tummy by keeping it full. A Purdue University study showed that people who ate nuts felt full longer than those who ate rice cakes. Stick to 24 almonds a day to satisfy your hunger pangs without overloading on calories.

Watch out: Skip salted nuts; too much sodium raises blood pressure.

Olive Oil

Everyone needs a little fat — it controls hunger. Go for monounsaturated fats like olive or canola oil. They will help keep your cholesterol under control and satisfy cravings.

Watch out: Steer clear of hydrogenated vegetable oils; they're loaded with unhealthy trans fat.


Berries stuff a lot of filling fiber into a tiny package: Just one cup of raspberries has six grams of fiber and a whole lot of flavor!

Watch out: Jelly is the junk food of the fruit world. It has almost no fiber and contains added sugar.

Whole Grains

CARBS? I know you have been told that all carbs are evil, but the right kinds of carbs are actually good for you. Choose 100% WHOLE grains — their fiber fills you up and keeps you from getting hungry.

Watch out: Sometimes bread labeled "wheat" has been stripped of all of its fiber and nutrients. Look for "whole grain" or "100 percent whole wheat."

Peanut Butter

Who would have guessed that a kid-friendly food could be waist-friendly, too? PB is packed with niacin, which keeps the digestive system on track and prevents belly bloat. Just keep an eye on portion size: Peanut butter does have a lot of fat, so limit yourself to no more than two tablespoons a day.

Watch out: Pick all-natural PB, which doesn't contain added sugar.


There's a reason the woman in the yogurt commercial fits into her bikini: Calcium helps break down fat and may even prevent it from forming!

Watch out: Always pick low-fat or fat-free dairy over the full-fat versions.

Lean Meats and Fish

Your body burns more calories digesting protein than carbs or fat. Want the leanest meat out there? Opt for turkey, but to cut down even more on saturated fat, choose fish. Go for tuna and salmon; they are full of omega-3s, which help prevent stress chemicals that promote fat abs.

Watch out: Cured meats and sausage have a lot of saturated fat.

Whole Grains

The right kinds of carbs are actually good for you. Choose whole grains — their fiber keeps you from getting hungry.

Watch out: Sometimes bread labeled "wheat" has been stripped of all of its fiber and nutrients. Look for "whole grain" or "100 percent whole wheat."

Iced tea

"Tea, especially green tea, is rich in antioxidants that have been proven to speed metabolism," explains Mark Ukra, author of The Ultimate Tea Diet.

In fact, according to Swiss researchers, tea-drinking subjects burn a whopping 266 more calories per day than those who abstain.

Watch Out: For consummate calorie-torching, skip bottled teas — processing has depleted them of slimming nutrients. Instead, steep a tea bag in one cup of hot water for two minutes, then cool with ice cubes. Enjoy four cups daily.


Your morning snack attack is caused by a dip in blood sugar levels. Fiber-rich oatmeal stays in your stomach for hours, staving off a doughnut run.

Watch out: Steer clear of the sugary flavored varieties. Choose the plain stuff, and sweeten it with berries.

Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

This low-cal, calcium-rich treat activates the body's fat-burning hormones. Plus, because of its high protein content — it contains more than any other dairy product — you'll stay full longer.

The slimming Rx: "Grate one ounce on soups or salads daily."

So have fun losing weight and that spare tire with these belly fat burning super foods.

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